Editorial Team


Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Emily Johnson Professor of Electrical Engineering Institute of Advanced Technology University of Technoville

Deputy Editor: Dr. Michael Chen Associate Professor of Electronics and Communication Department of Engineering Metropolitan University

Managing Editor: Dr. Sophia Rodriguez Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering School of Technology and Innovation City University

Associate Editors:

  1. Dr. David Lee Professor of Nanoelectronics Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Quantum University

  2. Dr. Maria Garcia Research Scientist, Robotics and Automation Institute for Technology and Innovation Research Foundation

  3. Dr. Rajesh Sharma Senior Research Fellow, Embedded Systems Center for Electronics Research Global Science Institute

  4. Dr. Anna Kowalski Assistant Professor of Signal Processing Department of Electrical Engineering Innovation Institute

Technical Review Manager: Dr. Andrew White Lecturer in Electronics School of Engineering Progressive University

Publication Coordinator: Ms. Olivia Martinez Research Communication Specialist Office of Research and Innovation Science Avenue Institute

Editorial Advisory Board:

  1. Dr. Sarah Wong Professor of Semiconductor Physics Department of Physics and Electronics Advanced Research University

  2. Dr. John Smith Director, Electronics Research Center Institute for Technological Advancement Innovation Hub

  3. Dr. Elena Petrov Chief Scientist, Quantum Computing Center for Future Technologies Frontier Research Institute

  4. Dr. Ahmed Khan Senior Researcher, Wireless Communications Institute of Telecommunications Technological Excellence Center